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Common questions

  • As a member what do we have access to?

    Members of the We are Women community gain access to all full length inspire chats with our guests. Often there will be updates that we can share exclusively with our members. Details such as release dates, upcoming guests, key information and promotions offered to our community will be shared to members.

  • Can we suggest someone to chat with?

    Of course! The We are Women community feels it is important to celebrate the successes of others around us! Please feel free to contact us if you feel you know of someone with an interesting and truely inspirational journey. Inspire chats are planned well in advance but we will take note of any that you feel would benefit our community in the future.

    You can contact us using the form below with any suggestions, queries, or comments.

    Including a short bio and a few media links always makes our job easier and an interview more likely!

  • Who are the type of guests We are Women chat to?

    We are Women is a community made up of people with diverse backgrounds. So we strive to chat with those who can inspire our community. Our guests are amazing women who have succeeded, often against adversity in a range of areas, both personally and professionally.

    With fortnightly inspire chats our Inspirers lay bare their experiences and often their path to achieving their goals.

  • Who is We are Women for?

    We are Women is a community of women inspiring women through video chats. So there is no limit on who will benefit from our Inspirers. Whatever direction your life is taking there will be inspiration that you can take from these amazing women and create the life that you dream of and deserve.

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